Friday, October 2, 2009

Merry Christmas...Well the Hudson Family exchanged names for this coming Christmas.Bud got Perry/ Patsy got Randy /Perry got Bud/ Amanda got Selina /Courtney got Kathy/ Charles got Eric/ Mandy got Patsy/ Barry got Mikey /Selina got Amanda/ Randy got Chris/ Mike got Mandy/ Eric got Courtney /Kathy got Barry/ Chris got Charles. Don't forget to use your wish list it has a lot helpful information, and if you are really not sure of what to buy just give your person a call and ask them. The limit for gifts this year is $30.00 to$35.00. Knowing who you have this early in the year you can watch for sales and find something really nice for that price.

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Shakerwood Primitives said...

We used to exchange gifts until one of my brothers and his wife didn't play along so well. I think they did it on purpose so we didn't have to exchange gifts anymore. I even quit making Christmas decorations for them like I do for the others because my things would wind up in a yard sale!

Love the ECU attire. That's where Dear Hubby and I met!