Friday, December 11, 2009

We all need each other

~How do you really express to God how awesome you think He is and how much you appreciate all that He does for you.

~My mom had surgery last week a very simple procedure, but never the less you always worry.

~My dad had heart valve replacement today, and the doctors say he is doing great.

~While at the hosptial a young man came into the waiting room and began to cry uncontrollably; I couldn't just watch so I went over and began to talk to him. His wife had given birth to their first child by C-section last Monday. He had rushed her back to the hopital tonight with complications. While talking with him they called my family out to go see my dad in recovery, as I looked back where David sat alone and then back at my family I realize how blessed I was to be there with
people who loved me. It was so difficult to pull myself away from him, so as soon as
saw my dad I made my way back to David to make sure he was okay. Before I left his wife had come through surgery and was stable. It makes me wonder if in the grand scheem of things that maybe God orchastraed daddys surgery for an appointed time so I could be there for David. Daddys surgery time was changed 3 times, which put me in that waiting room at the same time this young man needed someone. I think we miss God so often becuase we don't realize how in control He is or how very involved He is in our lives when we allow Him to be.


Cathy Miller said...

You are so sweet! I know that young man felt very very blessed by your kindness. I'm so glad your dad is doing well. Your decorations are beautiful, I especially like the snowglobes and books. Thanks for participating!


Printersdevil said...

Your story gave me chills. What a great thing for you to be there with him.

Lily said...

Hi Belles

Just wanted to write to say that I am now following your blog that I really like. I was particularly moved by this story. I'm a Christian too so I know what you mean. If you get a chance please feel free to check out my blog. Hope to see more posts in here soon.