Sunday, November 15, 2009

Check out our cool 3D galsses

We finally decided to do see the Christmas Carol in 3D, and glad we did, I don't think we would have enjoyed nearly as much if we had not. The movie is very tradional, Scrooge is almost dark and dismal. We were expecting a comical twist on Scrooge since it was Jim Carrey, but he played it straight. In fact had we not known it was him, we wouldn't have recoginized him, not even his voice but in a few spots. Wouldn't take children under 10 or 11, not becuase it would scare them, but I think they might become board. We had a ball though, because we were together and we love the classic! Not exactly what I was expecting, more George C Scott then Jim Carrey, but enjoyed the special effects.

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