Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gifts that touch the Heart

Long before the tree is picked out and the decorations are hung. Even before the wrapping paper is selected I take a long look at the list of family and friends that I would like to give a gift, that will express my love and appreciation for what they mean to me. A gift that will reflect what my heart holds dear. I don't know that such gifts can be purchased in stores or found on the Internet, these gifts are ones that are more often then not fashioned from love and made by hand. As I think back on gifts I have received it was not the lavish or expensive ones that stand out in my mind, but the ones that required a love ones time and careful attention to detail that were the most impressionable.

Which leads me to why I felt led to write this post. Until about three years ago I myself was caught up in the commericalness (is that even a word) of Christmas giving; going out and purchasing gifts I could not afford, or finding something on sale that looked expensive but held no meaning for the recipient. Unfortunately we live in a society that knows the price of everything, but never the value.
Until one day I decided to change my situation, and started giving the gifts I wanted to give, that would not be just another gift, but an expression of love.

I remember showing up at our family Christmas with my baskets of goodies and being nervous that everyone would be looking down on my meager gifts; that instead of investing money into I had invested my time. But contrary to my thoughts, my family was eager to see what goodies awaited them and the gifts I gave that year generated more excitement then any I had given in years past.

It may not be easy to break out of your present gift giving habits, but giving gifts to those we love should never be a burden or a hardship. Giving is meant to bring joy to the giver, and if it's not bringing you joy then more then likely it is an empty experience for the one receiving it as well. Remember it is not the gifts that we touch with our hands, but he gifts that touch our hearts that make us rich


Melanie said...

Beautifully said!!

happy2bme from MHH.

teachermomof2 said...

Very well said. I have decided the same thing in the last few years.

Blessings, Lisa

dj56v said...

Love the idea in this post! Christmas is to commercialized. Giving something from the heart would be a well recieved gift for me!