Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cherished Books Treasured Memories

Christmas at our house was the most wonderful magical time a child could ever experience, in fact it was that for anyone that had the honor or privilege of being in the presence of my dad. Daddy decorated everything, he would wrap the front door in foil paper and then put fresh pine all around it so the fragrance would hit you then minute you approached it. As for the tree and the gifts, to be completely honest I don't think mom and I were allowed to do very much, every ornament had to be in just the right place and the gifts were all wrapped in white tissue paper with hand tied colorful ribbons to match the tree. He gave attention to every detail, especially the gifts he gave. I remember the first book he gave me, I was 12 years old and it was the complete Peanuts Charlie Brown Collection. After that daddy started giving me a book every year for Christmas. The books became especially important to me because I wasn't allowed to open it until Christmas morning and with my mom and dads divorce that same year. It was like having him with me Christmas Day. He still gives me my book on Christmas Eve and I'm still not allowed to open it until Christmas morning. Since the tradition started my mom has also started giving me a special Christmas book, after all it was her that instilled in me the love of reading. Growing up she owned a beautiful Christian Bookstore "Wings of A Dove".

I use to put away my books with the decorations every year but now I proudly leave them out to enjoy all year. Everyone needs a little Christmas everyday. A few of my favorites are "Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect", "Polar Express", and "The Time Life Book of Christmas".

About 5 years ago my day had to go in for operation just before Christmas, at the time he and I were having a few problems and I was doubting if he loved me. I'll never forget when they brought him out in the hall to go to into surgery and he had a wrapped gift in his hand; it was my Book...and I was told a could open it right then. This is why my books are so special, they remind me I'm loved.


Luludou said...

That is such a beautiful story! and that collection is precious.

happeningswithLana said...

Wow, that is a nice story. No wonder they are so special to you.
I would love for somebody in the family to owe a book store. I can get lost for hours in one or the library.

Ann-middle name said...

AWW that was a beautiful story brought tears to my eyes. TFS


Tammy said...

Oh, your story was so beautiful; I have tears in my eyes!