Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great Expectaions

Randy has warned me this morning to curb my excitment just a little; and with good reason, I am one of those people that tends to get so very excited that even the most perfect laid plans can not live up to expectaions my anticipation has created in my own mind.

I look foward to Thanksgiving and Christmas longer and with more anticipation then all the other holidays combined. The anticipation is what brings me the greatest joy. Christmas Day itself is not what brings the thrill, it's the journey that brings the real joy, the planning and participating in every moment that this magical time of year has to offer. I tend to get what you might call an emtional overload created from my own expectaions of myself and what I expect from others.

So occasionally he or one of the boys will reel me back in so that I don't experience the Chistmas Blues created by expecting a Norman Rockwell Day! My family teases that Bing Crosby had me in mind when he sang "A Marshamallow Word" . But we are so bombareded by "It's a Wonderfeul Life" and our Hallmark movies that it's easy to want to our homes to look like they do in the magazines and our families to dress and act like they are straight out of a Dickens Novel. When in reality things aren't like they are in the movies or in my favorite books, but it is fun even if only for just the few weeks before Christmas to escape our real lives and live like we wish we could all year.

So to keep eveyone in my house happy I will stay as grounded and possible and will take thier advice and manage my expecations of myself and those around me so that I don't let myself down by an emotional overload of unrealistic ideas of a Norman Rockwell Christmas.

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